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“Boomerang Of Blessings”

I hope this blog entry finds you following your bliss. In the last 6 weeks, I have been wearing a hat that reads “Follow Your Bliss” I was blessed to buy it from an amazing couple Gloria and Michael who sell their clothing at Agape with inspiring and profound messages to help us embody the truth of who we are. Wearing this hat has not allowed me to be in a space other then blissful. It has conjured up the most enlightening conversations and connections.

Wow this blog name bowled me over this past Friday after I was offered yet another amazing opportunity to do something I will be announcing very soon. This was the first of multiple blessings that were happening and announcing themselves as the day progressed. At one point I just felt the most joy filled explosion within and called my friend Lea and said it’s been like a boomerang of blessings, it was as if all of the prayers and blessings I have been putting out for a lifetime or longer were being poured all at once into my life at lightening speed…

It’s been a minute since I last did any kind of update and wow, it has been a ride actually it’s been a
“Magic Carpet Ride” as the invisible interwoven power shows up even in the
most unexpected places, channels and vehicles. A one way ticket back to LA has led to all dreams
manifesting in my life. I will be keeping you all posted as often as possible now…

Harmonizing Hearts

As a result of all of my Inner study, formal vocal training and healing work, I have recently uncovered that I deliver an original process for accessing the voice. This method combines technical elements with affirmations, meditations and visualizations and chakra opening exercises. It ultimately results in relaxation; which the golden voice is the demonstration of our truest expression and singing is one of the vehicles.
As this has birthed itself through me, I have never felt more joy from this avenue of
sharing my gifts and talents as a way to help others. A voice has called from deep within and has been answered. All of the experiences throughout my life seem to have culminated into what’s been
Magically unfolding, I have seen a glimpse of an even bigger vision to help children and ultimately all people to connect to their voice through their hearts. It all starts with relaxation into them selves.
Their voice is the outpouring of the love they feel from within. I’m facilitating guidance to children and people to help them gain access the song in their hearts and express it in a golden way woohoo!!!!

Upcoming Performance and Airplay

I continue to write and record and have upcoming performances, I will be performing at Planet Earth for the upcoming First Thursday. In air play news 2 songs are going to be released this year under my guise “Ame Rouge” these are Dub Step dance style music“No More Waiting” and “The Playground”. The long awaited song that Peter Tentindo and I wrote for the winning couple on The Jordan Rich show “Fate Brought You Back to Me”, which I had the pleasure of working with Joy Julks; an amazing producer/Bass Player/Pianist who was the catalyst for the most epic vocal session I have ever had. We will be playing it live on WBZ radio in Boston date TBA and I will send you all a link with special thanks to my favorite ninja Chris who has streamlined my website to the sleek level that you can also achieve


Upon returning back to LA, I had se an intention to get in the best shape in my life on every level, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I have to thank the teachers; coaches and friends that helped support me along the way. Jayne justice nutrition and fitness coach has been life changing and introduced me to the kangoos I ran my first 5K
In 40 minutes. I have never been healthier. I was gifted a ticket to “Revelations” the Agape conference that gathers thousands of high vibration beings together for a few days joined by the most powerful
speakers and, musicians. We were so blessed and elevated by being in the presence of
Esther and Jerry Hicks and the teachings of “Abraham” and reminded us how to stay in
the “Vortex” which I can say I have been remaining in about 90% of the time catapulted the recent events taking place.

Stay tuned for the next blast
Blissfully Yours,

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