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Gratitude and Purpose

I wake up this morning and I’m bursting with life and filled to overflowing with gratitude.This energy that is seeping out of every cell extends to every individual who has supported me on this journey, There doesn’t seem to be any words that can convey the vibration that it carries. It’s as if I hold a piece of each and everyone that has played a part in me discovering the gifts within me and my true purpose. First and foremost my best friend and biggest fan in the WORLD my dearest and most precious and beautiful mother. As well as the blessing of having been raised by the most extraordinary grandparents. My nana at 93 almost 94 years old,has always been there for me and from her I get the most potent power of her resiliency. My papa HAROLD showed me the most out of this world love that It’s been the most precious gift that any human being could ever feel. he told me before he made his transition that I should follow my heart and be an actress. I now know how proud of me he is, as my biggest heavenly cheer leader!!!

Spending so many years in a dark and disconnected space, has lead to me to am irrevocable joy that resides in my soul. As I awake each day more clearly and connected to the true purpose I have been called to be in this lifetime. The feeling doesn’t seem to be able to be expressed by any words. For many years I would see signs everywhere that lead me to believe that my purpose was my voice. All that time , I believed it was as an actress and a singer. Although that is a huge part of it, it goes much deeper.

As I became aware of the magnitude of not having a voice as a child, I realized how this had lead to years of depression, disconnection and not wanting to live! As i have continued this deep walk of healing and waking up, I have found my voice on many levels. The most imperative discovery has only been revealed very recently, when I began speaking my truth regardless of what others might think of me. it’s only then that my TRUE VOICE was found, heard and I was EMPOWERED. This book that I was guided to write is a children’s empowerment guide. It’s also UNIVERSAL. Anyone who reads it WILL BE EMPOWERED! I’m committed to sharing the miraculous teachings of Michael Beckwith and AGAPE that have forever changed my life. I’m committed to sharing my tools with the world though my books songs, my acting, my programs, workshops and my empowerment products that I’m creating. I look forward to shining the light anywhere I can for all of you who know me and for all of those I have yet to serve. IN LOVE AND GRATITUDE, Kerri



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