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Good morning world gratitude Tuesday

Good morning world, I continue to be grateful for the growing strength of my Nana “miracle” Frances. She is out of this world!!! I can’t believe how late I went to sleep. When you are on purpose, you are filled with a tireless energy that takes you over. I’m over the moon to share that’s what’s going on for me. Scraping ice and snow off the car, definitely is not a “joy’ and yet i’m still filed to overflowing with “joy” because it’s a vibration that is un-disturbable by circumstances.

I know that is not an easy concept to grasp for most. There was no one I have ever known who emanated this better then our angel Toni Bua. No matter what she was going through; chemo, radiation, surgery, she still beamed with “joy” the true essence of joy the deep undeniable feeling that can’t be disturbed by any circumstance. Michael Beckwith has been teaching this at Agape and I had wanted to believe it. The first song I ever channeled was “Anything is Possible” and that speaks of believing in what’s possible. It’s a whole other level when you step into “knowing”

Sometimes you suddenly find yourself on a completely different station and you are not sure how you got there. One thing I have learned is that when you have found tools to overcome insurmountable challenges, you have a responsibility to share and teach. I believe in the heroes journey , we are given gifts and tools along the way. if we are but yet so fortunate to make it through. I continue to share my gratitude and “joy” for
getting these magical keys..

I want to share them with you if you are called to work with me as your Heart Song coach and my brilliant creative team that can create your Heart Song with you. We all have a message or a song in our hearts. We all have a voice a unique stamp that we are here to leave on the planet. I have been so blessed to find the path to healing after suffering over 30 years with depression. As I have learned how to traverse this physical life plane and find my way. I know you can too!!!

As I have also shared my angel/soul mother and goddess Toni Bua so lovingly taught me how to release what was blocking my true inner happiness and connect to it as my always ever present vibration. Let’s dive deep and swim in your own “joy” and express it and be free. I will be sharing some of this magic on my cousin’s radio show The Jordan Rich show, I want empower parents and inform them that if their children are being bullied, the effects can be detrimental, as they were in my case and my best childhood friend,If they are not aware if it. It’s all about family empowerment. I will be heard in 38 states and on line on WBZ radio this Friday April 8th at 130 AM EST 1030 PM PST

Contact me at

and my brilliant team of Peter Tentindo, Chris Luke and Fiz Anthony we will create a Heart Song for healing , empowerment, inspiration, liberation and of course to celebrate any occasion. What better gift to give then the gift of song…..
We can perform live and we can also create a song on the spot at your next event. Remember “Live your dream” I love you Toni Bua forever and a day!!! Make magic today and share it with me….

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