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Good morning world a minute with Toni

Good morning world, I awoke at 530 am, another day to be grateful for and the rain is about to arrive. Nana had her doctor’s appoinment and the first time she was out of the house in a couple of weeks. the doctor said how remarkable she is. We just need to monitor her intake of liquids to avoid fluid getting into her lungs.
I’m so fired up and excited as my dream team Susan Sophia Daya Hamwi, Chris Luke Kiana KikiMa Prema, Kiki Kettner and Fiz Anthony take steps in the direction to empower , educate , inspire and transform schools, parents and the students in a ground breaking program we have begun to create. It’s so amazing to me that I never saw the parallels to the life and work of our angel Toni Bua and her and Gene’s Here’s To Life foundation, “Pepper Street” the longest running musical in Los Angeles history dealing with Teen Suicide which was not anywhere near as prevalent as it is today.
As I have shared many times before, the first scene that I was handed on my very first day at AFL acting for life class by the late great Toni Bua was a scene, where the character I was playing was thanking her best friend played by one of my most favorite women , teacher, and number one ife, death and dying coach on the planet. my Auntie Shelley Whizin for sticking up for her when she was being bullied, sharing with her, that was the day she was planning on going home to take her life. Whoa!, the difference one person can make in our lives, they can bring us back to life, give new meaning to our lives, help us fly agin, swim again, climb again, breathe again.

That was who Toni Bua was for me. She sewed so deep in it my soul, leaving an indelible mark on my heart. As the tears start to hit the key board as I write this. There is that all encompassing love that fills me full. It somehow feels delicious and yet so painful and tender all at the same time. After all

it’s only been two months and it’s still so raw and hits me at unexpected moments. “Embrace it all” “feel it all” “let it go” Wow, that’d the best part, I have learned that oh so challenging skill. I can allow myself to feel every last morsel of the pain, anger, sadness and then “Let if go” I also realized as I moved through the darkest parts my journey my hearts song was calling forth Toni Bua into my life.. She is the greatest gift that you could have received in this lifetime. Anyone who even was blessed to meet her one time knew it. One of the countless songs that I channeled is “A Minute With Toni”

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with me as your Heart Song coach and tell your story today. Everyone has a story a message a Heart Song. Heart Songs are vehicles for full self expression, confidence, finding your voice. Heart Songs and videos can also be created by me and my brilliant creative team of Peter Tentindo, Chris Luke and Fiz Anthony for amy occasion ,birthdays, anniversaries, “Mother’s day is coning up” what better way to honor someone you love? “”Better then a Hallmark card” we do memorials and tributes, we even work with bereavement support and hospice. What better gift to give then the gift of song….

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