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Good Morning World New York New York

Good morning world, I awoke in the most beautiful apt on 42nd street over looking the city at 5 am , woohoo!!! My friend made me fresh ginger tea and gave me green juice. This is my “magical life” I have to pinch myself that I actually saw and got to love up Jill Schoelen in Boston yesterday morning for a few minutes before heading to the bus to NYC and auntie Shelley Whizin I ran 25 blocks to hug and inhale her for a few minutes whoah!!! . a brilliant scene that ONLY our angel Toni Bua could have written just for me starring only her 2 closest earth angels shelly and Jilly.

I  also got to see the beautiful rabbi Laura Owens and her ahhhmazing husband. The celebrated producer/direcotor Jsck Bender at his book signing “Elephant In The Rom” last evening at a book store in Brooklyn. I have spent over 6 weeks away from the life I love so much and she orchestrated a magical adventure for me that wass behind what I could have ever imagined and it continues today…


Life is so ironic, the fist time I came to NYC over 20 years ago, I met with the first talent agent in my life. She looked at me and said you are pretty but 10 pounds over weight and you can’t work as an actress until you lose the weight. I felt crushed and it did a number on my confidence. As i met with an agency yesterday to do print and fit modeling ; which I have done before.
There are certain measurements for fit models. I have more of an athletic build now from doing all the yoga I practice. I was so shocked to learn that I’m too small now to be a fi model. she said gain an inch or two on my hips and thighs and I can work lol. She did say if keep spinning I can do it She will submit me for print work on the east coast though yay!!!
These last couple of months an appetite is not something that I have had. When my heart has been so full of sadness and loss, it makes me feel like there is little room for much else. Auntie Shelley sustained and nourished me for weeks with her “instinct” soup , now my precious mom has been continuing to do that for me. I make the fresh juice and smoothies and mom makes the soup. We are a good team!

As i prepare for my business meetings today, i feel my angel Toni Bua
wings flapping around me. I also get to meet up with a group of my girlfriends later and just drop in deep with each other and connect our hearts; what a treasure. Then this evening I will see another favorite angel goddess Stevi Christine yay!!!

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