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Good Morning world back in LA

Good morning world,I missed a day of sharing my daily gratitude and blog with you. I was up in the air having yet another plethora of magic happening. As if our angel Toni Bua is writing every delicious scene of my life. Today I woke up at 430 am, after falling into a zombie state by 5pm last evening. I had gotten up at 330 am EST yesterday for my 545am flight and tried to get some sleep in between meeting the magical characters of “Crazy Girl” heads back to LA episode.

Wow, i’m so blown away at how I’m ALWAYS sitting next to the most colorful and like minded individuals on every flight that I’m blessed to be on. This one started with two Jamaican sisters from Boston Tassie and Imacula anyone who knew Toni Bua are those not two character names that Toni would have created LOL.

They were headed to Jamaica for a wedding and they were so filled with the spirit, we just had a love fest. The next character was a 66 year old African american man by the name of Jerome. Wow! As we began to connect hearts and minds and we both were in a state of awe!

He was a child prodigy concert pianist who had a mentor by the same name of my Nana “Frances” who met him at 8 years old and she was 80 at the time and she let go of all her other students to focus on him.She passed when he was just 6 and she changed his life forever and a day! I then of course invited him to meet Toni Bua and share everyhting I could spit out to bless him with her magic.

He then proceeded to watch the video that Chris Luke so impeccably and brilliantly created to homer and celebrate the one and only Toni Bua three times. He was speechless, we both agreed that Frances and Toni Bua had brought us together. Jerome has traveled the world playing music and yet he would not acknowledge that he has a “gift” which I continued to assure him he does!!! He is very inspired by the activism work and the tour that is in the works with the ‪#‎allwaysmagical‬ team. He says “I have been looking for a way to give back” maybe he will join the team.

I can’t believe that I have been gone here from my home of LA for two months. As I prepare for my first class without Toni Bua here in the physical I am filled with so many emotions. I walked to the ocean and just stared at the reflection of the glistening moon and I heard her say “One step at a time” Oh by that’s it, i just have to remember to breathe. I also am thrilled to pieces to get the brilliant teachings of Jill Schoelen and to have my best soul sista/biz partner by my side today.We will play together, we will feel it all and let it go yay!!!

Don’t miss the ahhhmazing opportunity to work with me and my team. As a Heart Song coach I have the gift of leading you into your heart. I will guide you towards finding your authentic voice and help you to tune in to your true nature, to embody inner confidence and as a result we can create your own unique song that already lives in your heart. iI will lead you to finding the key.
Everyone has a message in their heart and it’s your Heart Song.

Heart Songs are vehicles for full self expression, confidence and finding your voice. Heart Songs and videos can also be created by me and my brilliant creative team of Peter Tentindo, Chris Luke and Fiz Anthony for amy occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, “Mother’s day is coning up” what better way to honor someone you love?
“Better then a Hallmark card” we do memorials and tributes, we even work with bereavement support and hospice. What better gift to give then the gift of song….

Contact me if your ready to live life of “joy” regardless of circumstances. Dom’t ever forget what Toni Bua taught us ” live your dream” I love you Toni Bua forever and day!!!

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