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Good morning world back to AFL

Good morning world, Wow every time I wake up now which I woke up at 430am woohoo!!! II have to remember with al of the travel lately where I am. LOL I was blessed to spend the evening with the beautiful and magical Amanda Lynne and her most ahhhmazing son Jackson; who waited on me and shared his infectious bright and tireless energy with me what a gift!!!
Yesterday was one of those days that brings out all of my roller coaster of emotions. I entered the theater for the first time sinceToni Bua transitioned out of her physical body. I first greeted Patrick Shea, which was so surreal, since the last time I was there Toni Bua was no longer able to teach, but still here on the physical plane. We had embraced again like we did almost three months ago and I began to sob.

The class was exquisitely taught by Jill Schoelen and each and every one of the brilliant stars of AFL acting for life shined brighter then ever. We could all feel Toni Bua with us in such a potent and powerful way just like she could feel Gene and bring him through to guide her at every class.

Life is so chock full of moments that push or pull us towards a vision like Michael Beckwith teaches. “Pain pushes until vision pulls” I so get this and feel this in my bones. Since the passing of Toni Bua , a part of me died with her and a new version of me emerged, stronger and more focused on my reason for incarnating on this planet at this time. There are no accidents and many of you know I called them “God-cidences”

I am so on fire with my purpose being a voice to those like my best childhood friend “JOY” who no longer have one and empower teachers, students and parents to find theirs and express themselves. Without those very special stars in my life Susan Sophia Daya Hamwi, Chris Luke, Kiana KikiMa Prema, Fiz Anthony and Kiki Kettner who showed up came to play with me and share their magnificent gifts with the planet the dream would not be a reality! I am grateful beyond words. As we continue to flush out the program and the vision for all of this to come to fruition.

We are so blessed in this life time if we discover the gift or gifts that we came to the planet to deliver Michael Beckwith says “Dreams are spiritual time capsules to wake you up to what you said you would do here on earth” I just feel like Toni Bua and she said this all the time “the luckiest girl in the world”

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