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Good morning world Happy Friday

Good morning world, I awoke at 430 am woohoo!!! What a day what a week!!! In one week in LA I have had more doors open and magic happen then ever!!!

I’m over the moon with the meeting with Kathy Eldon at creative visions. I could feel Toni Bua’s wings flapping around me and i wore her gorgeous bracelet that auntie Shelley Whizin gifted me with. It was so ahhhmazing yesterday. I kept hearing Michael Beckwith saying “when the cosmic tumblers fall into place”

She supports the ‪#‎allwaysmagical‬ vision and my children’s empowerment guide “How One Word Will Change Your World” and we are embarking upon a powerful partnership. She guided us towards some viable ideas for our pilot program,
The genius creative team of Susan Sophia Daya Hamwi, Chris Luke, Kiana KikiMa Prema, Fiz Anthony and Kiki Kettner will beautifully , creatively and brilliantly execute this vision. We will be creating easy to use technology that will offer tools to empower children, teachers and parents and we will go global. Join the #allwaysmagical revolution. More to come soon…
Don’t miss the ahhhmazing opportunity to work with me and my team. As a Heart Song coach I have the gift of leading you into your heart. I will guide you towards finding your authentic voice and help you to tune in to your true nature, to embody inner confidence and as a result we can create your own unique song that already lives in your heart. iI will lead you to finding the key.

Everyone has a message in their heart and it’s your Heart Song.
Heart Songs are vehicles for full self expression, confidence and finding your voice. Heart Songs and videos can also be created by me and my brilliant creative team of Peter Tentindo, Chris Luke and Fiz Anthony for amy occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, “Mother’s day is coning up” what better way to honor someone you love?

“Better then a Hallmark card” we do memorials and tributes, we even work with bereavement support and hospice. What better gift to give then the gift of song….

Contact me if your ready to live life of “joy” regardless of circumstances. Dom’t ever forget what Toni Bua taught us ” live your dream” I love you Toni Bua forever and day!!!

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