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Good morning world happy sunday

Good morning world, I awoke at 430 am, yesterday was a marathon of magic day. Starting with meeting Elle Febbo my business coach and my ahhhmazing ‪#‎allwaysmagical‬ team. Whoah, to have this support is beyond this world!!!
As we gathered at Toni Bua’s to be part of the magical estate
sale, the day was filled with so many emotions for me. I was blown away by how many people lined up outside Casa Bua , it looked like a rock concert to knowingly or unknowingly these ones who were lead there to share in the magic of Toni Bua and Gene.

It was so clear to me that the magic was being sprinkled all over via Casa Bua. As I shared about our angel with individuals that I never knew or knew of Toni Bua or Gene, I shared with them about her and even a few of them were called to come to AFL acting for life class taught by the out of this world Jill Schoelen. I was able to get a couple of very special items including a wireless mic that Toni Bua and Gene had made their magic together woohoo!!! I have some beautiful scarves and sweaters and gloves to be wrapped up in the energy of the most magical being to have ever incarnated the planet my angel Toni Bua.

Don’t miss the ahhhmazing opportunity to work with me and my team. As a Heart Song coach I have the gift of leading you into your heart. I will guide you towards finding your authentic voice and help you to tune in to your true nature, to embody inner confidence and as a result we can create your own unique song that already lives in your heart. iI will lead you to finding the key.
Everyone has a message in their heart and it’s your Heart Song.

Heart Songs are vehicles for full self expression, confidence and finding your voice. Heart Songs and videos can also be created by me and my brilliant creative team of Peter Tentindo, Chris Luke and Fiz Anthony for any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, “Mother’s day is coning up” what better way to honor someone you love?
“Better then a Hallmark card” we do memorials and tributes, we even work with bereavement support and hospice. What better gift to give then the gift of song….
Contact me if your ready to live life of “joy” regardless of circumstances. Dom’t ever forget what Toni Bua taught us ” live your dream” I love you Toni Bua forever and day!!!

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