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Good morning world most magical week ever

Good morning world, I awoke at 5am woohoo!! I immediately went into meditation; which is the thing I used to always do. Ever since Toni Bua passed into the light I have felt ripped out of bed and not able to be with my self quietly. I shifted that today and it feels so much more connected and such a more grounded way to begin this precious day.
I can’t believe that I leave LA tomorrow, it has been truly the most magical week of my life. Not only do I get to play with the most magnificent beings on the planet. We get to deliver our gifts to the world and have a dream team showing up to support all of our dreams coming true. My ‪#‎allwaysmagical‬ team Susan Sophia Daya Hamwi, Chris Luke, Fiz Anthony, Kiana KikiMa Prema and Kiki Kettner is stepping forward powerfully to empower the world “one step at a time”

Today the magic continues as I meet with more iconic music business people to talk about my transcendent, transformational music. Infusing jazz, soul and R&B over electronic dance music. The world is ready for this kind of potent energy that is coursing through me as a channel for this healing to take place globally. I fell honored to have walked this path and awaken to the true “joy” that resides in my soul and be able to express it fully. Toni Bua blessed me with tools to access the key to the treasure of me to be felt experienced and shared.

Toni Bua and I are forever connected through our hearts I can feel her sparkling energy being omitted from every note that I sing and every lyric that she pours out of me. She is my heart song partner. I was so inspired at a very young age by the incredible MATTI STAPEANIEK , who held a love vibration so strong for the planet as he know he was dying. I would see him on tv and I would feel so lost and depressed and so confused why I couldn’t be happy. Years ago I was downloading “Heart Songs” and then I God-cidentlly came across one of his 7 best selling books “Heart song poems by Matti” I was blown away and clearly called on to help carry on his legacy and now I have been so blessed that are new partnership with Creative Visons is connecting us to his mother and my book is going to be reprinted to share with the world “Inspired by Matti” I am grateful beyond words….

Don’t miss the ahhhmazing opportunity to work with me and my team. As a Heart Song coach I have the gift of leading you into your heart. I will guide you towards finding your authentic voice and help you to tune in to your true nature, to embody inner confidence and as a result we can create your own unique song that already lives in your heart. iI will lead you to finding the key.
Everyone has a message in their heart and it’s your Heart Song.

Heart Songs are vehicles for full self expression, confidence and finding your voice. Heart Songs and videos can also be created by me and my brilliant creative team of Peter Tentindo, Chris Luke and Fiz Anthony for any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, “Mother’s day is coning up” what better way to honor someone you love?
“Better then a Hallmark card” we do memorials and tributes, we even work with bereavement support and hospice. What better gift to give then the gift of song….

Contact me if your ready to live life of “joy” regardless of circumstances. Dom’t ever forget what Toni Bua taught us ” live your dream” I love you Toni Bua forever and day!!!

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