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Good morning world magical Tuesday

Good morning world, I awoke at 430 am woohoo!!! I’m so grateful for yet another magical day yesterday in LA. Susan Sophia Daya Hamwi my soul sister/biz partner and co creative agent got to meet and discuss recording with Jane Getz and her producing partner Bob. What a “joy” to hear some of her extraordinary [Continue]

Good morning world most magical week ever

Good morning world, I awoke at 5am woohoo!! I immediately went into meditation; which is the thing I used to always do. Ever since Toni Bua passed into the light I have felt ripped out of bed and not able to be with my self quietly. I shifted that today and it feels so much [Continue]

Good morning world happy sunday

Good morning world, I awoke at 430 am, yesterday was a marathon of magic day. Starting with meeting Elle Febbo my business coach and my ahhhmazing ‪#‎allwaysmagical‬ team. Whoah, to have this support is beyond this world!!! As we gathered at Toni Bua’s to be part of the magical estate sale, the day was filled [Continue]

Good morning world Happy Friday

Good morning world, I awoke at 430 am woohoo!!! What a day what a week!!! In one week in LA I have had more doors open and magic happen then ever!!! I’m over the moon with the meeting with Kathy Eldon at creative visions. I could feel Toni Bua’s wings flapping around me and i [Continue]

Good morning world Thursday magic

Good morning world, I awoke at 430 am, woohoo!!! I’m so excited for this day! I can’t believe that i arrived a week ago today. This has definitely been one of the most ahhhmaziing weeks of my life. Today is 9 weeks since our precious angel Toni Bua left her physical body. It’s unbelievable! Yet [Continue]

Good morning world back to AFL

Good morning world, Wow every time I wake up now which I woke up at 430am woohoo!!! II have to remember with al of the travel lately where I am. LOL I was blessed to spend the evening with the beautiful and magical Amanda Lynne and her most ahhhmazing son Jackson; who waited on me [Continue]

Good Morning world back in LA

Good morning world,I missed a day of sharing my daily gratitude and blog with you. I was up in the air having yet another plethora of magic happening. As if our angel Toni Bua is writing every delicious scene of my life. Today I woke up at 430 am, after falling into a zombie state [Continue]

Good morning world purposeful Tuesday

Good morning world, I awake at 430 am, yet I was so tired I fell asleep before 10. Nana miracle Frances continues to defy everything a 95 year young woman would able to come back from. I’m so grateful for every precious moment of my life and the energy that courses through my body, mind [Continue]

Good Morning World New York New York

Good morning world, I awoke in the most beautiful apt on 42nd street over looking the city at 5 am , woohoo!!! My friend made me fresh ginger tea and gave me green juice. This is my “magical life” I have to pinch myself that I actually saw and got to love up Jill Schoelen [Continue]

Good Morning word Magical Trip to NYC

Good morning world, I awoke at 5am, no rain today yay! and more gratitude for Nana’s superpowers that keep her going strong. I’m so excited to be going on a magical adventure to NYC tomorrow. I can already feel Toni Bua’s wings flapping around me. Toni Bua and Gene Bua started their very successful and [Continue]

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