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Good morning world Sunday

Good Morning world, I awoke at 5am EST, again steeped in gratitude that Nana Frances had an awesome day yesterday. She enjoyed afternoon company having some renewed energy during the afternoon!!!. she also enjoyed matzoh ball soup that my mom so lovingly and deliciously made. It’s amazing how in the final chapter of our life in the physical body it times becomes more precious then gold.

I have been learning and feeling into more and more the magic happening from the other side. Yet I have to say there is something so poignant about the physical. As I say that I feel like what Toni Bua talked about in one of her final classes “emotional alchemy”. i just find myself missing Toni Bua so much at moments it knocks the wind out of me. Then moments later I can be swooped up by her and Gene on wings on a magic carpet ride Wow, what a trip!!!
I can’t say it enough, I am truly so grateful for my life, for every precious moment. I love being here with my mother and Nana that I have not lived with in over 15 years. I did return home in 2010 when Nana was hospitalized and ended up staying here for 9 months. it’s just a call you get literally and figuratively that asks you to spep up and you say “Yes” and the rest will unfold. In this case it’s one step at a time like Auntie Shelley Whizin so brilliantly has taught me. I get to enjoy making the fresh juice and the smoothies and running errands and whatever else I can do to be on Team Susan and Team Frances!!!
I’m also over the moon about going into the studio this week and recording a couple of songs for clients with the one and only Peter Tentindo, who is not only a brilliant musician but also a very dear friend who has been like a brother to me. Again I am so blessed to have the best creative partners on the planet Peter Tentindo, Fiz Anthony and Chris Luke. Wait until you hear the music we have been blessed in this lifetime to come together and make. As an artist or a songwriter when you synch with another creative mind and spirit its pure “magic” and there are no words, it’s beyond words…

It’s funny that I just typed that, since most of my songs have the word “beyond” in them. It makes perfect sense , since I have been saying this mantra that Michael Beckwith teaches to live a life “beyond what you can imagine” Doing music and being with my family is playing in part in this beautiful picture. As other magical doors to my dreams open more and more everyday. All I say is keep your eyes and ears out for “Leblang”

I can’t wrap this up without a few precious shout outs. Susan Sophia Daya Hamwi, my rock angel, thank you from the depths of my soul for being my sister in yet another life!!! I could not stand as strong without you Charise Cassetta, you know you have had my back , my front and every side lol. I could not make it through a day without you listening to me, loving me and cheering me on. Paul Gregory, our friendship has grown very deep over the years, like the roots of a tree. You truly blessed me and Nana more then you will ever know by coming to visit with Louis. Thank you my brother for catching me when I fall. You are now officially adopted and we pray that Nana will see you again in May.

Kiana KikiMa Prema, you have been and continue to be the wind beneath my wings. You encourage the creativity from a grounded place. You have been like a dullah to all of my Heart Song branding. We have just begun to fly my love. Auntie Shelley Whizin , there are no words to express my gratitude for you in my precious life. You took me in to your home, when I had nowhere else to go. You spoke firmly, yet gently into my soul to help wake me up, You showed me how to give selflessly and to love unapologetically.

You and Toni Bua have had more impact on my life and my soul then anyone else in the world. From the first time we met in this lifetime both you and Toni and I, Immediately I remembered you. Toni Bua paired us in my very first AFL acting for life scene as high school best friends reuniting. In the scene I get to thank you for not only standing up for me, but ultimately saving my life. That’s what you and Toni Bua did for me, you saved my life!!! More crazy then that, was that Toni Bua knew that this was the part of my life that needed healing. Wow wow wow that’s when our love affair and most powerful healing journey began. Last but not least, I have to say a million thank you’s to my fairy goddess mother Lisa Conrad Cohen, I am convinced her angels and my angels connected us and Lisa knew what her assignment was. She invited me into my golden life. I love you all forever and a day!!! Let me know which angels in you life have helped your dreams come true?

Good Morning World Saturday March 19

Good morning world, I opened my eyes at 230, 330, and at 430 finally woke up. the first thought is a feeling of gratitude that wells up inside me for my Nana Frances still being here with us. Yesterday was challenging for her in many ways. Sometimes I have to bite back the tears, watching her decline so much. I remember 20 years ago watching my big strong Papa Harold start to go through his decline. It’s almost unbearable to watch those we love and who have taken such good care of us, not be able to do much for themselves.

The best part is we get to give back to them. Letting them realize how much we are willing to do anything to help make their remainder of time on earth a little easier and the most enjoyable as possible. In the case of Nana, she still has her mind and I mean she is sharp as a tack. God love her, she still complains about my hear and wearing a hat. she says “Kerri, you are going to lose your hair, if you keep wearing that hat” I know its from a place of love, so I just take it.

I also watched my precious angel Toni Bua go through her decline. Toni rocked it up until the last 6 days in her physical body temple. She was coming to class in between breathing treatments. In the last couple of classes, she struggled to make it through. This was extremely difficult to witness, for she loved teaching and us her students and of course Miley more then anything in the world and it was no longer something her physical body could handle.

I know nothing would have stopped her otherwise from teaching and it was the most painful thing to watch. I know she and Gene are teaching in heaven all of the angels the method of acting for life. I miss you so much Toni Bua even though you continue to sprinkle all of our lives with your magical fairy dust. There is hole in my heart ,that I guess only time can fill. I know that being creative invites healing and I’m about to do a lot of recoding and performing so I will be “Getting my heal on” which is what i used to say about acting for life class every Friday and she absolutley shimmered in delight when I would say it. My goodness the connection we have is so freaking out of this world and always will be!!!.

It’s such a tender and trying time in my life, yet I am so blessed in so many ways. Especially to have had dinner with my best friend Chantal Ryan last night , she has been my best friend for over 25 years. Wow, her friendship was such a gift when all I had experienced was beinfg bullied growing up. She welcomed me in with an open heart and open arms into a lifelong friendship. She is the most ahhmazing friend/mother/wife/teacher and woman.

I also want to thank my mother Susan Leblang for being my other best friend. My mother has always believed in me no matter what!!! and stood by my side. She has been taking care of Nana for the past 6 years. I’m so grateful to be here to support her , making juice daily, smoothies and running errands and anything else I can do to help to make her life easier during this oh so precious and tender time in our family. Continued prayers for Nana Frances, prayer works!!!! Remember like Toni Bua teaches “Live your Dream” share with me one thing you do today to go in the direction of your dreams.

Good Morning world,

I awoke at 430 am PST, yet I was asleep by 930 , so not bad .Grief is such an intense experience , I have hardly been able to exercise, except for walking over the the last two months. Yesterday was the first time I did yoga and it was Bikram. It’s done in temperatures of over 100 degrees. People call it a love /hate relationship, I truly love it!!! It had been 3 months since I did Bikram, I have done other yoga including Kundalini within the last 2 months. I was truly amazed at how my body responded. In the course of 90 minutes you do 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. I specifically told myself I would go easy and not push. I found that my body easily went into the poses and was more flexible and stronger. Hmmm, how can that be? Life is such a mystery. I had been going to weekly dance classes and yoga and kangoo and bike riding for so long , so that maybe our bodies have a memory and they come through for us at times, we might not even expect them too.


Even better, I realized being home with my mother and Nana Frances has brought me strength. I just left a spin class and feel the best and strongest I have felt in 2 months. Wow the teacher Courtney is ahhhmazing , she picks the best music. i even had a release and burst into tears. How awesome!!! Life is such a roller coaster ride. we must have tools. For without them we are prisoners in our own minds. I ‘m so grateful to Agape and Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith for being my teachers. I also have been blessed to have the late great Toni Bua guiding my path with so much love and mastery. As i have said before the life of Toni Bua taught me how to “step in” , the oh so too soon death of Toni Bua taught me how to “step up”

Gratitude and Purpose

I wake up this morning and I’m bursting with life and filled to overflowing with gratitude.This energy that is seeping out of every cell extends to every individual who has supported me on this journey, There doesn’t seem to be any words that can convey the vibration that it carries. It’s as if I hold a piece of each and everyone that has played a part in me discovering the gifts within me and my true purpose. First and foremost my best friend and biggest fan in the WORLD my dearest and most precious and beautiful mother. As well as the blessing of having been raised by the most extraordinary grandparents. My nana at 93 almost 94 years old,has always been there for me and from her I get the most potent power of her resiliency. My papa HAROLD showed me the most out of this world love that It’s been the most precious gift that any human being could ever feel. he told me before he made his transition that I should follow my heart and be an actress. I now know how proud of me he is, as my biggest heavenly cheer leader!!!

Spending so many years in a dark and disconnected space, has lead to me to am irrevocable joy that resides in my soul. As I awake each day more clearly and connected to the true purpose I have been called to be in this lifetime. The feeling doesn’t seem to be able to be expressed by any words. For many years I would see signs everywhere that lead me to believe that my purpose was my voice. All that time , I believed it was as an actress and a singer. Although that is a huge part of it, it goes much deeper.

As I became aware of the magnitude of not having a voice as a child, I realized how this had lead to years of depression, disconnection and not wanting to live! As i have continued this deep walk of healing and waking up, I have found my voice on many levels. The most imperative discovery has only been revealed very recently, when I began speaking my truth regardless of what others might think of me. it’s only then that my TRUE VOICE was found, heard and I was EMPOWERED. This book that I was guided to write is a children’s empowerment guide. It’s also UNIVERSAL. Anyone who reads it WILL BE EMPOWERED! I’m committed to sharing the miraculous teachings of Michael Beckwith and AGAPE that have forever changed my life. I’m committed to sharing my tools with the world though my books songs, my acting, my programs, workshops and my empowerment products that I’m creating. I look forward to shining the light anywhere I can for all of you who know me and for all of those I have yet to serve. IN LOVE AND GRATITUDE, Kerri



“Boomerang Of Blessings”

I hope this blog entry finds you following your bliss. In the last 6 weeks, I have been wearing a hat that reads “Follow Your Bliss” I was blessed to buy it from an amazing couple Gloria and Michael who sell their clothing at Agape with inspiring and profound messages to help us embody the truth of who we are. Wearing this hat has not allowed me to be in a space other then blissful. It has conjured up the most enlightening conversations and connections.

Wow this blog name bowled me over this past Friday after I was offered yet another amazing opportunity to do something I will be announcing very soon. This was the first of multiple blessings that were happening and announcing themselves as the day progressed. At one point I just felt the most joy filled explosion within and called my friend Lea and said it’s been like a boomerang of blessings, it was as if all of the prayers and blessings I have been putting out for a lifetime or longer were being poured all at once into my life at lightening speed…

It’s been a minute since I last did any kind of update and wow, it has been a ride actually it’s been a
“Magic Carpet Ride” as the invisible interwoven power shows up even in the
most unexpected places, channels and vehicles. A one way ticket back to LA has led to all dreams
manifesting in my life. I will be keeping you all posted as often as possible now…

Harmonizing Hearts

As a result of all of my Inner study, formal vocal training and healing work, I have recently uncovered that I deliver an original process for accessing the voice. This method combines technical elements with affirmations, meditations and visualizations and chakra opening exercises. It ultimately results in relaxation; which the golden voice is the demonstration of our truest expression and singing is one of the vehicles.
As this has birthed itself through me, I have never felt more joy from this avenue of
sharing my gifts and talents as a way to help others. A voice has called from deep within and has been answered. All of the experiences throughout my life seem to have culminated into what’s been
Magically unfolding, I have seen a glimpse of an even bigger vision to help children and ultimately all people to connect to their voice through their hearts. It all starts with relaxation into them selves.
Their voice is the outpouring of the love they feel from within. I’m facilitating guidance to children and people to help them gain access the song in their hearts and express it in a golden way woohoo!!!!

Upcoming Performance and Airplay

I continue to write and record and have upcoming performances, I will be performing at Planet Earth for the upcoming First Thursday. In air play news 2 songs are going to be released this year under my guise “Ame Rouge” these are Dub Step dance style music“No More Waiting” and “The Playground”. The long awaited song that Peter Tentindo and I wrote for the winning couple on The Jordan Rich show “Fate Brought You Back to Me”, which I had the pleasure of working with Joy Julks; an amazing producer/Bass Player/Pianist who was the catalyst for the most epic vocal session I have ever had. We will be playing it live on WBZ radio in Boston date TBA and I will send you all a link with special thanks to my favorite ninja Chris who has streamlined my website to the sleek level that you can also achieve


Upon returning back to LA, I had se an intention to get in the best shape in my life on every level, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I have to thank the teachers; coaches and friends that helped support me along the way. Jayne justice nutrition and fitness coach has been life changing and introduced me to the kangoos I ran my first 5K
In 40 minutes. I have never been healthier. I was gifted a ticket to “Revelations” the Agape conference that gathers thousands of high vibration beings together for a few days joined by the most powerful
speakers and, musicians. We were so blessed and elevated by being in the presence of
Esther and Jerry Hicks and the teachings of “Abraham” and reminded us how to stay in
the “Vortex” which I can say I have been remaining in about 90% of the time catapulted the recent events taking place.

Stay tuned for the next blast
Blissfully Yours,

Hey, Bright Lights!

Just a quick update and a boat-full of gratitude for all of the support, to not only have been blessed to be singing, writing and recording most of the time, my 90 year young grandmother continues to be stronger every day. Thanks to Paul Gregory for the most recent beautiful shots taken in NY included in the banner. Finally without the talent and diligence of Dan Kupka this website would not have reached the current level.

In other news, I have booked a resldency here in Salem, Massachusetts on Sunday evenings for the month of March at Rockafella’s. Also, I am going to be singing at Finz on Friday March 18th. Tonight, I have the great opportunity to be the guest on The Jordan Rich show speaking of my journey as an artist and performing some of my songs with Peter Tentindo, who has been an incredible accompaniment, both musically and vocally. We are even offering an opportunity to win a Gift Of Song for a couple who provides the best story! Hope you can listen in and please feel free to comment or connect with me.

Keep Shining,

Kerri Anne

Welcome to your life, welcome to my life…

Enjoy a bit of my music, see me share my gift with the world at The Agape International Spiritual center, hear my latest interview and “follow your bliss” – Joseph Campbell

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” – Henry David Thoreau

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Enjoy a bit of my music, see me share my gift with the world at The Agape International Spiritual center, hear my latest interview and “follow your bliss” – Joseph Campbell

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” – Henry David Thoreau